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Students simulate a commission meeting to discuss new ideas for Tallahassee’s urban development.

I try to provide students with a learning environment that fosters students’ innate curiosity about our world.  Much of the learning in this class supports Raa’s curricular mission to develop the skills required to be life-long learners, and follows FLDOE’s definition of an advanced course.  Students often participate in simulated government activities, community projects, dissect historical documents, create and interpret political cartoons, and analyze charts/graphs.  Students frequently work in teams on in-class projects that explore historic and current circumstances.



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Students meet with then Commissioner and now Mayor Andrew Gillum to discuss their ideas about how to improve their city.

Throughout the year, students should learn as much about themselves as they  learn about our government, society, and community as well as the historical circumstances and influences that culminated in our democratic republic.  A critical component of this course is practical in nature.  Students will explore what it means to be a citizen, practice good citizenship, and how to engage with society to improve their community, state,country, and world.